Friday, February 24, 2012

Serious business around here.

We had to be serious tonight.

When the bestest and I played rummy with my parents, she hustled them IMMEDIATELY.  WTF?  Way to go RR. :)

Well, tonight, the men wanted to get serious.

 This is us being super serious. 

Anyways, 4 glasses of wine later, we were betting high with our $2.45/pp total and I was BSing my brains out.

Game night was awesome.  Love my bestest and her husband.  It's going to become a THING.


Friday, January 20, 2012

"Not really a drinker"

That's what my sister says she is too.  But she's only a one day a week-er. 
Okay just one bottle.  But she's fancy.  French expensive vodka?  High class.

I have a pizza problem.

I just ate my whole day's points in pizza.  Papa John's thin crust hawaiian chicken bbq.

Guess I'm eating sugarfree applesauce and mandarin oranges for the next 9 hours. Ha that's what I get!  I'm going to look like violet beaurogard but an orange.

And we're supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow/ice overnight, so who KNOWS if I get to teach BodyAttack and Zumba Toning tomorrow!  Cross your fingers yes, my backside needs to get to the gym!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just getting this off my chest.

Okay, so the point of this blog is just for me to share what's going onnnn (marvin gaye-esque) in my life with food.  Uhm, cuz I love it.

I finally shared a link with my sister to the blog.  Thank GOD for iPhones - here's the screenshot -

Okay, it's true.  I drink like once a week.  I'm not like "dry", but I don't party.  I stay at home and watch Family Guy and Seinfeld re-runs.  And Dateline obsessively.   So it's true.  I may or may  not drink a bottle of Prosecco a week.  At once. Once. A week.